I recall the first time I drove a boat.  It was in Tampa in the bay area. I have a brother that lives there and I was taking my Dad down here to visit him. I had rented a boat for my Dad and I to go fishing. My dad is an avid fisherman and fishes all the time back at home. I was really nervous like a teenage about to drive a car for the first time.  The boat was really small and the water was super choppy that day.  The boat was so small compared to how big the water area was.  The boat had to be no bigger than 12ft.  It was a 4-person boat. We are from the mid-west so we had never been finishing on the ocean before.  We were used to fishing from the shores at a lake.  Totally different type of fishing environment.  Below is a video about how to drive a boat that I wish I would have seen before I attempted to drive a boat.   I had trouble guiding the boat out of the pier and guiding it back into the pier.   We also got hung up under one of the many bridges in the Tampa region.  All and all it was a wonderful experience.  We only caught one fish but the crazy moments on the boat was worth it.  Would you try to drive a car without knowing how to drive it? Well for the most part that is what I did with a boat.  Luckily the waters were so wide open that it would have been hard to make a mistake.  But if you own a 40-thousand-dollar pontoon boat best you learn to drive one first lol.   


Below is another YouTube clip I found that can provide some extra tips on how to captain a pontoon boat. 


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