Pontoon boats are party barges !!

Hangin out with friends drinkin some brews listenin to tunes always sounds like a great time.  The pontoon boat aka the party barge is great for hangin out and having a blast.  The floor space on pontoon boats weather larger or smaller is big enough for at least 6 people to hang out on.  Regular boats usually have less floor space making them feel cramped and crowded.  One of the greatest things I love about pontoon boats is that you can have more people on them which makes it a better time.

Great for fishing !!

My dad loves fishing. I mean all kinds of fishing from bass fishing to deep sea fishing.  He would agree the best fishing we have ever had was on a pontoon boat.  Find a little cove turn off the motor and kick back relax and fish.  We could do this for hours the early the better.  Some pontoon boats have built in fish finders.  The room on a pontoon boat helps because you can have other people fishing from different locations on the boat. The true downside to pontoon boats is lack of restrooms.  Most of them don’t have restrooms. However that topic will be covered in another blog.  But overall fishing with pontoon boats is just as good if not better than bass boats, I could argue pontoon boats are better.  But if you want to have fun and fish get a pontoon boat.

Got the power for water sports !!

I rented a pontoon boat at Norris Lake Tennessee and had a blast.  It was a family thing. my dad, two brothers, one of their sons, and me.  Even though that 5 people the pontoon boat had plenty of power to pull us and go fast enough to whip us around like rag dolls.  Some people hate on pontoon boats and say they don’t have enough power for water activities perhaps in the past but pontoon boats of today are awesome and certainly have the power. I saw this youtube clip. Check it out.

Great Value for what you get !!

Look at the end of a day boats are expensive that’s why you have to get the bang for your buck.  The pontoon boat is simply just more versatile. You can party on it, you can fish on it, you can go tubing, you can have a family or friend get together on it.  Shop around there is always someone looking to sell somewhere.  Any boat is a luxury item and I had a spending limit.  Heck you can get a pontoon boat for less than a 20 year old used car.  Be a value shopper and only accept a deal that you are happen with.  If you get a pontoon boat at the right price you’ll get your moneys worth I bet on that.

Fun for the family !!

Some of the greatest memories I have is with my family on the pontoon boat.  Perhaps that is why I love them so much.  Creating those memories for the younger generation is important to me.  This spring and summer I plan to go on several boating trips all of them local. I have been on the Ohio river with family during sporting events in Cincinnati and loved it.  You can have a fun time locally and not spend a lot of money. Everyone one likes getting on a boat and goin on a cruise.




2 Replies to “Reason why I love pontoon boats !”

  1. Hi
    Agreed with your every points and same goes for me also. I love pontoon boats and the reasons behind these what you have already written. Sports, hangout with friends, family time, fishing all you can enjoy in a pontoon boat. Besides the wind will calm your mind.
    Thank you

  2. I had no idea that pontoon boats were versatile enough to allow tubing and partying. My wife and I have been planning on finding a pontoon boat that could be suitable for family gatherings. I definitely think that we should find one that could be fun and exciting for the bigger kids while being safe enough for the smaller kids.

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