Fixing and Repairing Boat Seats:

Sometimes it just makes better sense to repair. I’m the type of person that would rather try to repair something to keep it going then to have to go out and buy something brand new.  I have seen a lot of pontoon boats that look like the seats are finished however sometimes they can be restored.  If you don’t know whether to try to restore the seats or just simply get new ones I would recommend watching these videos to get an idea on what it will take in time to restore a seat and whether it will be worth it or not.

This is one of the best videos I could find on Do It Yourself upholstery rebuild for pontoon boat seats.  This guy does an excellent job explaining and showing how it is done. Please like this guy’s video and leave a kind comment for him.  He really shows you how to take an old wore out pontoon boat seat and reupholster it to make it look new again.

Installation of New Seats:

In times when you have to buy a new seat and you need to learn to put it in I would recommend watching this video first. In this video you’ll see and learn how to install pontoon seats. I would always recommend trying to repair before buying new.  The tricks and tips learned above should help you avoid buying something new.

Yeah and sometimes repairing the seats can’t be done however you’d be amazed at how well people can restore things.  But if for some reason you feel you need to buy some brand new seats I would recommend checking out   They have all kinds of boating related stuff just not only pontoon boats.  I found a bunch of amazing boating stuff over there . Click the link below to checkout their inventory.




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  1. Thanks for your post about how pontoon boats and seats could be restored because they have been worn down. I like how you said that you could reupholster it yourself for a better, newer look. My husband has a pontoon boat that he likes to take out on the weekends that’s a little run down. Since he lacks the time, skills, and tools to repair it himself, he is considering professionals to help him out.

    1. hey thank you for reading the post. I appreciate the comment. Yeah I understand lack of time lol. I wish you guys the best!

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