Do it Yourself Pontoon Boat !

Yes ! It is possible to build your very own pontoon boat.  Sure they won’t look like the latest 2017 model Suntracker or Bennington, but they’ll get you on the water and you’ll have a blast making one as well. This video shows a guy building a pontoon boat with PVC pipes and wood.  This would be perfect for a small lake.  You could scale it and make it bigger so additional people can fit on it.  Watch all three of these videos and try to incorporate all the knowledge and build your own special unique pontoon boat.

Homemade Pontoon Boats

This video shows some details on how to make a homemade pontoon boat. This guy used big drums as floating devices.  I really liked the way this guy built his pontoon boat.  This is something I could do. I like this guys version of the homemade pontoon boat the best.   Basically he used big drums, wood and some screws to but it together.  There are actually four videos you can watch of this guy putting together the pontoon boat.  Please like this guys video.

How to Build a Pontoon Boat: An Easy-to-understand Manual

This video is a basic manual on how to actually build a pontoon boat. This video provides you a list of all the necessary things to put one together. Everything from a design plan to a list of needed materials.  I found it very interesting that you don’t need much to build your own pontoon boat.  Obviously it won’t be at the quality level as a real pontoon boat that you would buy from a vendor but it will get on the water.  If you have the time and don’t want to spend money on a nice looking pontoon boat trying making your own.   Please share your video if you do.  Thanks



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