Honestly using a pontoon boat for fishing is one of its best uses. If you have the right equipment setup pontoon boats are much better than other boats for fishing.  The pontoon boat provides the space needed for multiple people to fish. Great for families and friends to fish on lakes, rivers or even oceans. In my experience pontoon boats have been great for fishing, people have room to jump around excited about the fish being caught.  Try jumping around in a bass boat and you might tip over.  You also have more room to store the fish you catch if you are fishing all day. I usually toss back the fish I catch, but on occasions I catch a keeper lol.  Those are rare occasions for me. I’m not much of a fisherman however I as mentioned in previous blogs my dad is an avid fisherman. It’s his hobby and as for me I’m always ready to get out on the waters.  Well if you like fishing check out this video below on fishing with pontoon boats.  

Below is a video I found on pontoon boat fishing in Kentucky. I’m from Kentucky and there many awesome lakes to go pontoon boating on.  I personally love lake Cumberland but there are many lesser known lakes that you can visit as well.  This video is a Kentucky lake tour.  I found it interesting and thought I would share it. Whether you are in southern or northern Kentucky there are plenty of lakes to visit. I typically get on the Ohio River and go off on its many branches. You can spend all day out there exploring areas around you that you never knew about. Its very fun and exciting, I look forward to doing blogs on each state and the lakes that you can go pontoon boating on.  Take it easy!

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