Transforming a roughed up pontoon boat !

Yeah making an old beat up pontoon boat run and look great again takes a lot of dedication.  The below video is a wonderful restoration job on a pontoon boat.  It shows with a lot of good old fashion hard work you can make something look great again.   I’m definitely one of those people when it comes to boats who would rather buy something used but works.  Depending on the price you could get a wonderful deal. Just the other day I saw a used pontoon boat for 2500 bucks, I thought it was amazing price, sure you would have to put in some work but to me it is better than taking a loan out on a boat.  Boating for me is a hobby. Start off with something that will get you on the waters and if you enjoy boating then down the road upgrade to something better.  Well enjoy this video  !!

Cleaning Pontoon Carpet  :

Boat carpet can get very dirty everything from fish blood and guts to spilled beer,  boating carpet can be worst then the carpet in your car or even home.  I think it is always important to clean your carpet on your pontoon boat often to keep it looking newer and to avoid having to spend money on it in the future.  Please give a thumbs up to this video of these guys showing you how to clean boat carpet.

Clean Aluminum Pontoon Boat:

Oh by far the best way to clean the aluminum tubes on a pontoon boat is with a pressure washer.  It will rip off all the green algae and stuff off with ease. It is much faster then if you were to do it by hand. If you don’t have a pressure washer try using a water hose and a scrub brush.  Check out the video below for the details.


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