Buying a Pontoon Boat

As you know buying a brand new boat is just like buying a brand new car and the old saying “you lose money as soon as you drive it off the lot” applies to boats as well.  It is really why I recommend buying used pontoon boats especially if you are new to boating.   Sure if you have the money why not and if you can afford to spend then by all means buy the best boat you can buy.  Check out the review page Click Here.  However I like most people don’t want to spend a lot to get a lot.   I have seen some used pontoon boats cheap at around 2500 bucks.  Yeah they have issues but if you shop around you’ll find the deal you are looking for.  Don’t settle and pay too high of a price.

Craigslist and Boats

I often look on craigslist for boats.  You’ll find some awesome deals and you’ll also find some scams. Just like buying anything on craigslist you want to make sure make sure it isn’t a scam.  ASK for their number before you give them yours.  You give them a call.  I have heard and seen of a scam where an online criminal will find a way get your phone number and then find a way to hack into your email then get into all your bank account information. For more information check out this Forbes article.  Click Here

Bottom line you want to control the buying process.  Don’t exchange any information with them first. If they don’t have a phone number in their ad or the locate of the number isn’t in your area then be very cautious. Do a google search on the area code of their phone number. This will give you some kind of idea if it is real.




The below video is a good overview and a buyer’s beware when shopping on Craigslist for anything. I actually can’t believe I found this video on YouTube as I live in the tri-state area where this news report took place. I just want people to be informed when buying anything on craigslist.





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  1. I like how you mentioned that used pontoons are a good option because they don’t lose value as soon as you take it home. My husband and I have been talking about purchasing a boat. This is our first one, so maybe we can start off with a used pontoon.

    1. Thank you for the comment! Yeah, super excited boating season is coming back lol. I wish you the best out there!

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