Hello Everyone thank you for visiting this site. I love pontoon boats and really enjoy the great outdoors. 

This website is a collection of my experiences with pontoon boats.  Pontoon boats are my favorite and there are many reasons for that.  There are pontoon boat reviews, tips and tricks,and videos from me and from other pontoon boat enthusiast.  I tried to think of everything I needed in a website about pontoon boats and built that.

I build this website on my spare time and really enjoy the hobby.  I do feel that a peaceful cruise on a pontoon boat in a lake is better than a speed boat jumping around on the ocean. Don’t get me wrong I love all boating, but I love pontoon boats the most.

I hope you enjoy this site and the links within it.  Please feel free to drop a comment or a question. I’m always looking for other things to talk about related to pontoon boats.  Well friend until next time !! take it easy !!